FAQ / Your questions

  • What are the delivery times ?

We undertake to ship orders in less than 48 working hours (most often less than 24 hours).

Several delivery methods are offered:

- Mondial Relay (delivery to collection point, 2-3 working days)

- La Poste (2-4 working days)

- Colissimo (2 working days)

  • How are shipping fees calculated ?

Summary table of shipping costs

We do not take any commission on shipping costs, and we charge the prices requested from us by the carriers. Given that we are (for the moment) a small site, we unfortunately do not have discounts on general public prices. We are committed to reducing shipping costs when this changes!

For La Poste (bubble envelope) and Colissimo delivery methods, prices are available on the Poste website: https://www.laposte.fr/tarifs-postaux-courrier-lettres-timbres

For shipments with Mondial Relay, we also apply the carrier's rates: https://www.mondialrelay.fr/entreprises-de-colis/tarifs-expeditions/

  • Who processes my order and how does it work?

We process your order ourselves directly from the Paris region (95), we prepare it with care and ship it to you as quickly as possible. You will be notified by email when it is shipped.

Packages are usually sent in bubble envelopes. Large packages are packaged in boxes and the sleeves protected with bubble wrap.

Do not hesitate to contact us at the email address contact@boardgame-protectors.fr if you have any questions or problems with your delivery.

  • If I want to be reimbursed, how does it work?

We offer a money back guarantee within 30 days of your order. If your order is incomplete or if certain pouches were damaged during delivery, we undertake to replace them as quickly as possible. Send us an email to contact@boardgame-protectors.fr so that we can help you out as soon as possible!

  • What brand are the pouches from?

The sleeves are from the Boardgame Protectors brand and have a thickness of 60 microns, we use a supplier who is also the producer of several major brands of sleeves such as Ultra Pro and Mayday Games. You will therefore receive high quality sleeves which will protect your cards over the long term. They are also designed to make it easier to mix cards, which will make your games faster.

  • Why are the titles and images of some games English?

The databases on which we relied to obtain the number of cards and therefore sleeves per game come from English sites. We are translating them little by little and it's a colossal job with a database of more than 5000 games! But rest assured, whatever the language of the game, the number of cards is the same :)

  • What happens if the board game contains cards with an "exotic" format?

We have 15 sizes of standard sleeves in our inventory, however some board game manufacturers sometimes decide to innovate by creating cards of different sizes.

Given that we cannot have an infinite number of sizes, we still offer a kit of sleeves for the games concerned but we indicate in the product description the number and size of the cards which cannot be protected with our pouches!

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